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Official Nebraska Government Website
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Add the Veteran indicator to your ID!

The veterans' indicator on your driver license or state ID card is beneficial in proving your veteran's status without carrying a copy of your discharge papers

Specialty License Plates

Express your individuality with your own custom license plates.

Pay Your Speeding/Traffic Ticket

Typical traffic citations not requiring court appearances include: speeding tickets, seat belt violations, driving without current tags, failure to stop at stop sign, and similar offenses of a less serious nature (more serious violations require court appearances)

License Plate Renewals

Renew a vehicle registration in a single transaction using a credit card or electronic check.

Reinstate Your Driver License

Get back in the driver’s seat with Driver License Reinstatements.

Driver License Renewals/Duplicates

If you hold a Class O (car) license, Class M (motorcycle) license, or State ID, you may renew/replace your driver license online.

Student Driver Permit Application

Student drivers that have passed drivers education are now able to apply for their School Permit (SCP), Provisional Operators Permit, or first license online.

Handicap Permit Online Requests

Medical professionals can submit handicap parking permit applications online saving applicants from an inconvenient and time consuming paper process.